3 Key Reasons Why Quinoa Can Help with Weight Loss

Based on my latest weight loss virtual coaching sessions, I’ve seen clients gain anywhere from 5, 10 to 20 pounds in the past months due to the quarantine!

If you are looking to lose weight, you must consider quinoa as one of the foods to include on your weight loss eating plan!

I have partnered with PROMPERU, the promotion agency of Peru, to share with you why quinoa is a perfect food for a weight loss eating plan.

I am also quite excited to show you my latest recipes that are prefect for any weight loss eating plan, my Citrus Quinoa Avocado Salad and my Watermelon Feta Quinoa Salad.

Watch the video to learn all of the weight loss benefits of quinoa and see the recipe demonstrations!


citrus quinoa avocado
watermelon feta quinoa salad

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