Peruvian Power Foods: Breakfast Brainfood Parfait

//Peruvian Power Foods: Breakfast Brainfood Parfait

Peruvian Power Foods: Breakfast Brainfood Parfait

- January 9, 2014

Simply Eating Free!

We’ve all heard about breakfast being one of the most important meals of the day—and it’s true!  And what better way to jump-start your day than with a brain food boost! I like this recipe for its simple preparation, but also because it’s packed with nutrient-dense foods.  Yogurt supplies protein and probiotics while walnuts and chia seeds give you a boost of omega-3 fatty acids.  And you can’t go wrong with cacao nibs and mixed berries with their antioxidant, immune boosting powers.  Eat this meal for breakfast or resize the amounts for a snack.  Either way, it’s a great way to keep those brain cells healthy.

Breakfast Brainfood Parfait

Serves 1


¾ cup* Greek yogurt (2% or by preference)

¾ cup* mixed berries

1 Tablespoon crushed walnuts

1 Tablespoon cacao nibs

1 Tablespoon chia seeds

1 Tablespoon honey

*If eating this for a light snack, use ½ cup each Greek yogurt and mixed berries.


Serving bowl with spoon


Place Greek yogurt and berries in a bowl.  Top with walnuts, cacao nibs, chia seeds and honey.  Enjoy!

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