Getting Through Thanksgiving Part Three

//Getting Through Thanksgiving Part Three

Getting Through Thanksgiving Part Three

- November 25, 2010

Simply Eating Free!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy this wonderful day, and don’t forget the simple guidelines I’ve given you over these past few days: 

  • Eat breakfast today (and every day) within one hour of getting up
  • Have healthy snacks on hand to keep your hunger in check and to prevent overeating
  • Eat a light meal before attending the festivities to avoid overdoing it
  • Suggest bringing your own dish to the party to cut down on fat and calories
  • Practice portion control and moderation.  It’s all about quality, not quantity!
  • If you’re hosting, make sure each guest goes home with plenty of leftovers.  Share to maintain or lose weight! 

To Do Today:

  • Have a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, enjoy some time with friends and family, and take some time out for yourself if you can.  Make it a wonderful holiday!

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