20 Low-Calorie Cooking Swaps


It’s almost always on our minds, but especially during the holidays, we’re all looking for ways to both keep the weight gain off while still enjoying our lives. This becomes especially difficult while cooking for the family and friends, who probably wouldn’t take too kindly to kale chips and tofu as the main dishes for the traditional holiday feast. So, how on earth can you keep the spirit of good home cooking and dining around this joyous time of year without consuming an exorbitant amount of calories in the process?


Well, below is a list of amazing and easy substitutions you can make in your eating and cooking this holiday that you can use as a lower calorie option to very common ingredients and food items without having to eat/use less in your recipes. The best part? You’re encouraged to use this table as a resource to slash calories this holiday season and all through the new year.



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