Ifs and Buts About Weight Loss

David did not have ANY IFS and BUTS and lost 53 pounds!

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These two words frequently accompany the topic of weight loss. 

“I could lose weight IF I had the time, IF I had the money, IF I lived alone, IF I didn’t work so hard…” 

“I wish I could BUT I just can’t lose weight, I’ve tried everything BUT nothing works, I know I’m not healthy BUT my lifestyle is too busy to change…”

The excuses/reasons go on forever.  There’s no doubt about it—weight loss can be very difficult.  But why do some people succeed and while others do not?  What did the successful people do differently? 

We’ve been taught the following equation for years:  More Exercise + Less Eating = Weight Loss.  Simple and straightforward, no? 

Well, something’s missing from this equation, because if it were that easy, we wouldn’t be a fat, starving nation that spends millions of dollars each year trying to lose weight.  So what’s lacking and why do so many people have trouble losing weight? 

The reality is that most weight loss ‘programs’ don’t teach you about you, and in this case, it really is all about YOU.  Traditional approaches don’t illuminate the reasons why your weight increased.  Traditional ‘solutions’ are only temporary fixes that focus on pounds while failing to address the root causes of your weight gain.

Therefore, as soon as you stop the pill, shake or diet, the weight comes back.  And then you’re left at square one because nothing in your life has really changed. 

Here is the real combination for weight loss:  Eating What You Like (utilizing appropriate, moderate portion control) + Exercising for Health (not to lose weight)  + Self-Care = Weight Loss Forever!

Self-care is the missing component in successful weight loss and I know this!  That’s why I’ve made self-care an integral part of the Eating Free program.  Self-care is about time for you.  Time to rest, time to sleep, time to plan your meals, time to record-keep, time to cook, time to practice mindful eating, time to relax, and time to eat!

To Do Today:

What area of self-care you need to improve upon?  Set a realist goal to start.  Eating Free already has given you a nutrition plan, so now it’s up to you to practice self-care or

Participate in the 3rd annual Eating Free Weight Loss Challenge!  LOSE….And WIN $1,000 CASH and learn about including Self-care.

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