Does Fiber Make You Poop?

The big question everyone is wondering is, “Does fiber make you poop?” Fiber plays an important role in gut health and your regularity with bowel movements.

Knowing how regular you are, the kind of stools you have, and the fibrous foods you eat is key to gut health. Let’s take a look at why fiber is so valuable, how it impacts bowel movements, and what it means to be regular. Plus, I’ve created a delicious, high fiber smoothie to help boost your gut health.

Today I’m here to talk about something that may be a little uncomfortable, especially in the kitchen. But it is so important. Poop is something that a lot of my clients are shy talking about, but let me tell you, I can talk about it all day long as a registered dietitian. It’s part of my job!

Daily Fiber Recommendations

Did you know that only about 5% of Americans meet the daily fiber recommendations:

  • 21-25 grams for women
  • 30-38 grams for men

Why does this matter? Well, fiber plays an important role in gut health and regularity with bowel movements. So in short, yes it can make you poop, but the type and amount matters too.

As your baseline, you should know how regular you are, and what kind of stools you have, and the fibrous foods you eat.

How Often Should You Poop?

It can be completely normal to go twice a day if you have a higher fiber diet. But when someone tells me they haven’t gone in 3 days, or that they have diarrhea every other hour, it’s a problem. 

So, use a stool chart to get an idea of your bowel health. Type 3 or 4 on the Bristol Stool Scale is the goal.

High Fiber Smoothie

The type and amount of fiber you eat makes a difference. So I’ve created a smoothie with both soluble and insoluble fiber to help with regularity.

high fiber cherry kefir smoothie
High Fiber Cherry Kefir Smoothie
Just this one smoothie alone provides 20g of fiber from the psyllium husk, cherries, prunes, chia seeds, and spinach. Then I’ve topped it off with cottage cheese and kefir for natural probiotics for gut health.
View the Recipe

Fiber: Food vs. Supplements

While there are many different fiber supplements out there such as psyllium husk, Vitafusion gummies, and more, just remember a food first mentality. Supplements can “supplement” your food choices, but they can’t outdo poor nutrition. And make sure not to eat the whole container of gummies at once – trust me!

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