Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 27

I managed to lose 1 pound on my London vacation!   Billy @ DIAKADI and Sarah @ Eating Free totally called it.  I guess it was the increased exercise and my relaxed state, because Lord knows it wasn’t because I ate properly.

Since I’d mentally prepared myself that I might gain weight on this vacation, I suppose the lesson is this: Next time, eat MORE!

In other news, I learned a valuable lesson this week about alcohol tolerance. I’ve always been able to hold my liquor pretty well, perhaps due to my size, but since I started Eating Free, I’ve been drinking a lot less…so my tolerance is down.  On the Friday before Labor Day, a few of my friends were naughty and drank a whole bunch of champagne (and that champagne was, technically, not ours to drink, oops) and boy, did I pay for it!  Now that I’ve lost a lot of weight, there is less of me to absorb all that alcohol.  So…a few lychee martinis later and I was a tragic, TRAGIC mess by 7:30pm.  (If your car is one of the cars I puked on, I’m really sorry.)

I’m pretty sure I will not attempt to drink like that again.  I’m smaller than I was…and only getting smaller as time goes on.  So we’ll call this a lesson learned, and move forward.

I couldn’t make it to DIAKADI for cardio on Saturday because, well, the thought of all that bouncing was just…too much for my sad, crying stomach.  So instead I “made it up” by going on a nice 3.5 mile walk up and down (and up and down) Russian Hill with my friend Angie later in the weekend.  I’d done a very similar walk on Russian Hill back in April and I found that it was much easier for me now than it was then.  Hooray for increased stamina!

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