3 Simple Cheese Appetizers for Any Gathering

I’m here to ignite your holiday appetizer game with three nutritious cheese appetizers that are delicious and perfect for any gathering. 

With the holiday season upon us, who doesn’t want a few nutritious appetizer ideas to wow your guests or party hosts? Especially with cheese in the mix? It’s time to learn the key benefits of cheese, and why it’s a great addition to an appetizer spread for the holidays and beyond. You’ll learn how to make a sliced cheese veggie roll, a playful rendition of pizza-on-a-stick, and a luscious mango mousse.

I’ve partnered with National Dairy Council to bring to you three fantastic holiday appetizers that are easy to make and also full of nutrition.

Benefits of Cheese

Now I know everyone loves cheese. And beyond how great it tastes, cheese provides eight essential nutrients that benefit wellness. Among these is high-quality protein, which is important for satiety and can help maintain weight during the holidays. Cheese also provides selenium and B12, which in addition to its protein, help support a healthy immune system.

Now let’s get into these holiday appetizers featuring different types of cheese.

How to Make a Cheddar Cheese Appetizer: Cheese Veggie Roll-Ups

First up, is a sliced cheese vegetable roll. I recommend this all the time because it takes little to no time to make and is also a low-fat option.

Grab your favorite cheddar cheese slices and roll them up with vibrant bell peppers and carrots with a spread of choice like hummus or tzatziki. Each cheese slice should contain 4 grams of fat or less.

Cheese and Veggie Roll Ups
Cheddar and Veggie Roll-Ups with Hummus
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How to Make a Mozzarella Appetizer: Pizza-on-a-Stick

Next, get ready for a fun twist on a classic – pizza on a stick! Take some naan bread, and layer it with a basil leaf, and a mozzarella ball. The last addition will is a kalamata olive for some, and Canadian bacon for others. This way there is a vegetarian option.

Arrange these on a plate, and then comes the magic touch – a drizzle of delectable pizza sauce on all of them. This is a convenient, bite-sized snack that’s sure to impress your guests.

pizza on a stick appetizer
Pizza-on-a-Stick Two Ways
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How to Make a Cream Cheese Appetizer: Mango Mousse

And for our grand finale, we’re diving into a perfect portion of mango mousse. You’ll need cream cheese, 2% Greek yogurt, coconut sugar, a splash of lime juice, and mango – fresh or even frozen works perfectly. The ratio of cream cheese and Greek yogurt creates the perfect creaminess.

Blend it all together until it’s smooth, then portion it into small containers. Voila! A fruity addition to your appetizer spread.

Healthy mango mousse
Healthy Mango Mousse
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Getting Started with This Cheese Appetizer Inspiration

And there you have it! Three holiday appetizers that not only incorporate cheese but also pack a nutritious punch. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or treating close friends and family, these recipes are sure to be a hit.

For more dairy inspiration visit US Dairy.

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