3 Easy and Delicious Ideas for Fruit on the Go

Summer is an amazing season not only because of the warm weather and maybe even some time off, but it also provides an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables. Fruit can be such a healthy, hydrating and refreshing snack during a hot day and, let’s face it, most of us aren’t eating enough of them. However, what I hear from most of my clients as a reason for not eating enough fruit is they don’t have enough time in their day to cut, slice or dice them, especially for an on the go snack. So, what’s the best way to eat fruit on the go? 

Many of you may be thinking what about an apple or even a banana? Classic portable fruits right? Well, unless you want to be that annoying person who is crunching loudly on an apple during a meeting or that annoyed person who brings an apple in their bag only to pull it out blackened and smashed, I have three simple, but innovative solutions to enjoy your fruit on the go.

To find out how enjoy sliced apples without them browning before lunchtime, how you can use frozen berries to also get in your protein as well as how you can enjoy fresh, portable fruit salad for days at a time, watch the video above.

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