Holiday Party Survival Strategies Part One

//Holiday Party Survival Strategies Part One

Holiday Party Survival Strategies Part One

- November 28, 2010

Simply Eating Free!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and the leftovers are gone, it’s time to clean out your fridge and pantry to make room for fresh, healthy, and delicious foods for you to enjoy.  Make your home a safe zone, free of trigger foods, so that when you’re there, you’re not having your own personal holiday party alone with all of the tempting fare that’s sitting around.  Remember, you will be attending plenty of holiday parties overflowing with rich and decadent foods over the next few weeks—whether at friends’ homes, at bars and restaurants, or at work.  So do some damage control now by putting as many tempting items as possible out of immediate reach.  You don’t want to end up overdoing it by eating too much and using up all of your freebies before party time begins. 

 To Do Today:

  • Spend time today going through your cupboards and refrigerator, removing trigger foods.  Make your home a safe environment!  It’s time for a food storage makeover. 



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