The Peruvian Aji (ahi) chili or Capsicum baccatum was used during the Inca civilization.  Nowadays it is commonly used in many delicious Peruvian recipes.  There are several different  types of Aji, such as Aji Amarillo (yellow aji), Rocoto (the most potent aji chili), Aji panca (red aji) and Aji limo (different colors).  The yellow aji is used the most in peruvian recipes, and it provides an exquisite flavor and aroma.

Aji is a pepper chili that can be picante (hot) for some people.  If you are going to try aji go slowly or add aji to your food gradually.  

Aji comes in a variety of forms. It can be fresh like the picture, in a paste or in a powder.  Many Peruvian households use the paste form for cooking.

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