Why Protein Pastas are a Powerful Weight Loss Tool

different colored protein pasta

Everyone loves pasta, but one big challenge is that a single serving size is so small. Typically, a serving size of pasta is 2 ounces, but usually we like to indulge in much more than this in a single pasta meal. The other challenge is that you usually don’t get too full from eating just a single serving of pasta, especially if you’re only pairing it with pasta sauce. This is where protein pastas come in and can be a powerful tool in your meal plan to control hunger and help you lose weight. 

Some good brands to look to in adding protein pastas to your pantry are Seapoint Farms Organic Edamame Fettuccine, O Organics Black Beans Pasta and multiple Barilla brands including its semolina and red lentil. These pastas are packed with way more fiber and protein than traditional pastas. Why does that matter? Well, one important thing you should know is that, even though these pastas are made from vegetables and not wheat, they still have the same amount of calories as regular pasta. The key is, however, that the fiber and protein content will keep you feeling fuller long after your meal. In fact, you may be able to eat a smaller portion size of protein pastas simply because it makes you feel more full while you eat it. Also, keep in mind that it’s not just pasta you’re eating (nor should you only be eating pasta as a meal). For a complete meal, you’ll likely be eating your pasta with a sauce, lean meat and even more vegetables. This is an amazing way to bulk up your meals with nutritious ingredients without overeating. 

Another important thing to note is that, if you don’t eat animal products, these pastas are a great way to help you meet your protein goals for the day as some of the brands mentioned have upwards of a whopping 20+ grams of protein per serving! Just a small cooking tip: take good care not to overcook your veggie pastas or they can become very soggy when compared to traditional pasta. Otherwise, they are fantastic swap to make if weight loss is your goal or you want a creatively delicious way to add more veggies into your diet. 

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