The Nutrition & Health Benefits of Artichoke (Recipe Artichoke Quinoa Muffins)

For this episode of Manuel’s Caliente Kitchen, I’m showing you how to make a delicious, fast and easy recipe, Artichoke Quinoa Muffins. These Artichoke Quinoa muffins are one of my favorite recipes for meal prep. Make these muffins on a Sunday and they’ll make a easy grab-and-go breakfast during your busy work weekdays or even as your pick-me-up afternoon snack.  I have partnered with the promotion agency of Peru, PROMPERU to discuss the nutrition and health benefits of artichoke hearts.
Key things to know:
  • You can find ready-to-eat Peruvian artichoke hearts in cans or jars in your favorite supermarket
  • Peru is the number one exporter of artichokes to the USA
What I love the most about the Peruvian artichoke industry is that they grow the artichokes in the Andes region, where much new productive activities are needed and living conditions can get very hard. Not only you are eating a great vegetable, but you are supporting families in the Andes.

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