RUVI: The Delicious, Nutritious and Easy Way to Consume More Fruits & Vegetables

As a registered dietitian, I recommend eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables; fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice.

Now, have you heard of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables? Watch the video above to learn about this new easy nutritious way to consume more fruits and vegetables! I am also excited to share with you some ways to enjoy RUVI so you can reap the benefits out of this amazing product. I will also talk about the benefits of getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet and why America is not getting enough.

We will be making RUVI Powered Pancakes and RUVI Delight Creamy Pudding.

If you missed this week’s giveaway, tune into my show LIVE whenever you can because you never know when I’ll be giving away some goodies!

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