Myth Debunking: Are All Calories the Same?

Are all calories the same? At the end of the day, if you’re worried about weight, yes. A calorie is a calorie. But here are other key things to consider.

Where your calories come from can make a big difference on satiety, energy, and health benefits. And there’s a difference between empty and nutrient-packed calories.

So I am here to compare a few foods that contain 250 calories, and provide more dietitian insight. Plus, I dive into the nutrition matrix of EO3 and its superior health benefits for the same calories as other foods.

I’ve partnered with Enhanced Omega-3 to debunk the myth that a calorie is just a calorie.

What Does 250 Calories Look Like?

A medium sized donut, potato chips, and EO3 all provide 250 calories.

The big difference? The donuts and potato chips provide empty calories, while EO3 is packed with key healthy nutrients to meet your daily nutrition needs.

So are all calories the same? When it comes to the healthfulness of those them, no.

What Are Empty Calories?

When I say empty calories, it means that the food lacks nutrients such as protein, omega-3s, antioxidants, and other powerful nutrition for your health.

Nutritional Value of EO3

EO3 is on the other end of the spectrum. To start, it provides protein that can help with satiety. I use it as my mid-afternoon snack. And trust me, it satisfies me and holds me until dinner.

Secondly, the nutrition matrix of EO3 most likely will not spike your insulin. It contains natural sugars coming from fruit that can fuel your brain and muscles.

Now the health benefits…It contains 1600mg of high quality omega-3s and antioxidants that provide benefits for cardio health, brain health, and inflammation.

How to Enjoy EO3

EO3 can be used as an afternoon snack, breakfast smoothie, or post exercise fuel paired with a meal. If I had eaten the donut for my mid afternoon snack, I would have been hungry in an hour because it lacks nutrition and balance. But EO3 fills me up until dinner and I eat less.

Are All Calories the Same? Key Takeaways

So now are you telling me that 250 calories is not worth it? I tell all my clients, focus on where they are coming from rather than just calories. Empty vs. healthy calories can make all the difference.

So again, be smart about your choices. And trust me…I love my donuts too.

Visit EO3 to get your nutrient-packed EO3.

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