Mmmmm…..Delicious Strawberries

Bite into this sweet, luscious, piece of goodness and savor its sugary red juice as it dribbles down your chin…AND load up on nutrients all at the same time?! Yup – the superstar of berries- the strawberry- does it all. Full of surprises – with three times as much health optimizing Vitamin C per 1 ¼ cup serving as any other berry (even more than a whole orange!)- make friends with the strawberry as it makes it long-awaited summer entrance, and indulge…without the bulge.

Strawberries love company…

  • Add them to your salads for a pop of color and sweetness
  • Jazz up your hot and cold breakfast cereals and plain yogurts
  • Get sassy with sweet gourmet treats like decadent strawberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar and mint, or antioxidant-rich dark chocolate

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