Making Realistic Resolutions: Part One

New Year’s Eve is almost here, so it’s time to think about what your goals are going to be for 2011.

It’s important not to abandon the idea of making a resolution or two just because you’ve broken a few—or all of them—in years gone by.  Give yourself a break, don’t beat yourself up because of past failures, and don’t use the situation as an excuse to overeat or to keep blaming a lack of willpower.  Stop procrastinating!

Now is the time to set your priorities straight and to make a promise to yourself to maintain your resolutions throughout the year.  You can do it, I know you can!

It took time to build your current habits; it’ll take time to break the bad ones in order to build the new ones.  Just take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey ahead.

For many people, resolutions don’t work because they set too-high of an expectation—or swear off

food and drink in an unrealistic manner.  Research has shown that, after six months, fewer than half the people who make New Year’s resolutions have stuck with them.  After a year, that number declines to around 10 percent.

You can’t break habits overnight.  In my private practice, I work with people for at least three months to help them incorporate novel ways of living.   So stop over-thinking or self-sabotaging and just set up realistic goals you can achieve in 2011.

To Do Today:

Make a list of health-based resolutions.  Think of weight goals, sleep goals, exercise goals, food goals, stress management goals, and cooking goals.

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