How to Make the Best Arroz Con Leche Latino Style (Rice Pudding with Milk)

Click edit button to change this tIt is September and from September 15 to October 15th all of us Latinos and Hispanics are celebrating our heritage here in the USA.

I have partnered with National Dairy Council to celebrate National Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month with Arroz con leche which translates to rice pudding made with milk!

National Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Latino and Hispanic men and women in American society.

If there’s one common denominator among Latino countries and culture, it’s the food. And the one food group that many Latinos love is dairy! We love to celebrate with food, dance and family.

So to celebrate this special month I want to share with you one dish that many of our abuelas made for us. For those that don’t know abuela means grandma. This dish takes me back to my childhood.

If I am not wrong, I believe every Latino country has their own version of arroz con leche. Today I will share my version that has a fusion of two Latino countries, Honduras and Peru.

Check out the video above for the recipe demonstration!


arroz con leche recipe

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