How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol

Tips For Alcohol Consumption

  1. Think of a drink as a special occasion situation and not a daily habit.
  2. Consume no more than four to six servings of alcohol per week for ideal weight loss and a flat belly.
  3. For a flat belly, there’s no specific research, but based on my 18 years of experience and observation with past clients, I have come up with my own recommendations for alcohol intake when it comes to weight loss. For men may have six servings per week, while women may have four servings per week.
  4. Serving Sizes: 1 serving of alcohol is equivalent to 4 ounces of wine, a shot of booze (1.5 ounces), or 12 ounces of beer.
  5. The oversized globe wineglasses in restaurants contain 6 ounces a pour (one and a half servings). A glass of wine in your house usually equals 8 ounces (two servings). Cocktails in restaurants may include two shots and equal two servings.
  6. Alcohol stimulates appetite, which puts you at risk for higher calorie intake. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions, making it easier to choose unhealthy foods.
  7. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner as a matter of course, or because they are foodies. Instead of wine at every dinner, enjoy it when you’re at restaurants on weekends, or once a week, not every day. Remember that, when you are drinking alcohol, your body is not metabolizing fat, which is counter to your weight loss efforts.

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