Fresh King Salmon is The New Butter

This past Sunday, my friend Dennis called me with an offer to share some freshly caught salmon he had fished for himself.  Over the weekend he went to Half-Moon Bay, (just south of us here in San Francisco), using Fishing Boat charter services  to take him 21 miles into the Pacific. 

When he called me, I was already busy preparing my meals for the week, so I asked him if I could pick the fish up from him on Monday instead.  He said okay, but to hurry because it is best eaten fresh.  So, on his advice I quickly picked the fresh-caught King Salmon up and let me tell you what a TREAT! It was unlike anything I have ever eaten before- with a taste so orangey and buttery it was melting in my mouth with each bite I savored.

You don’t need to go through all of this just for fresh fish (just buy fresh salmon from a reputable dealer), but if you do go fishing for some salmon sometime, use this recipe to prepare this amazingly flavorful fresh catch.

Fresh King Salmon:

Spread some finely chopped garlic over your salmon, spray it down with lemon juice and then salt and pepper to taste.  It’s as easy as that! Roast at 400 F for only 10 minutes.  Note- this salmon was so fresh that it was okay to cook it to just medium-done. For less fresh fish, simply increase cooking time by a few minutes and cook until just flaky.


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