5 Healthy Gift Ideas for This Holiday


What better gift could be given this holiday than the gift of health? Even for those friends and family members who have everything, all of the expensive gadgets and fancy appliances, one can never have too much wellness! So, if you’re a health and nutrition lover looking for gift ideas, look no further. Here are our 5 top picks for gifts to give this holiday season.


  1. Cooking set – For someone who wants to get started cooking next year, a cooking set could be more than just pots and pans. A cutting board, nice chef’s knife, frying pans, a medium-sized pot and potentially a blender. It may sound like an ordinary and somewhat boring gift, but would you ever think a cooking set could help you improve your health? Cooking your own food an excellent way to control your meals rather than eating or ordering out which could lead to consuming more sugar, fat and salt.
  2. Power Blender – Anyone who doesn’t have this nifty gadget should be over the moon about getting one for the holidays. The best thing about a power blender such as a Vitamix or Ninja is that, believe it or not, it’s not just a smoothie machine! Thinking outside the box, you can use it to make healthy sauces, salad dressing and even shredding protein for salads and other dishes. However, it can whip up a mean, but nutritious smoothie in a hurry and without all of the annoying chunks left behind. Drinking smoothies are a great and portable way to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption throughout the day.
  3. A Lunch Box Set – If you yourself or someone you know is always making excuses as to why they can’t bring their lunch to work, having a grown-up lunch box around the house makes those objections hard to justify! It’s a simple gift, but prepping your meals and taking them with you is a critical practice for health and weight loss. Not only that, you’ll save a lucky friend a ton of cash when they’re not running out for an $15 tuna salad sandwich from the cafe. To get them going, it would also be a good idea to include some containers to get them going could easily turn this gift into a nifty lunch box set. Need some help and ideas with meal prepping? Check out our blog all about the power of a lunch box.
  4. Spiralizer – This underused kitchen appliance will redefine everything you thought you knew about pasta. What is it you may ask? It’s a kitchen tool that turns fresh veggies like squash and zucchini into low-calories noodles packed with all the nutrients, but light on the calories. Giving a family member or a friend something that is sure to get them in more vegetables, antioxidants and nutrients is a gesture that’s definitely in the Christmas spirit.
  5. Slow Cooker – This appliance is perfect for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to stand over a hot stove every evening. Wouldn’t it be nice to put all of your ingredients in one pot and come home to an already-cooked, delicious meal after work? If that sounds heavenly, then a slow cooker is the gift for you.



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