2 Easy Recipes and Tips on How to Save Energy In Your Kitchen

They call California the Golden State, so how can you help me to keep it Golden? One way to do that is by saving energy. One of my many jobs as a registered dietitian nutritionist is a consultant for a grocery store by the name of Safeway. Safeway and I have partnered with Energy Upgrade California to give you tips on how to save energy while cooking in your kitchen. So, I have some recipes to share with you that are energy-efficient. Saving energy during cooking can be as simple as having the right equipment and being prepared with the right ingredients in your fridge or freezer.

Stay cool this summer with my Turkey Provolone Pesto Wrap. Make it with me by watching the video above! The best thing about this recipe is you can keep your kitchen and your home cool as well because the recipe doesn’t even require you to use a stove or oven. My Quick-to-Fix Pork Carnitas with Mango recipe is ready in just 35 minutes and all you need is a pressure cooker. Lastly, find out how you can save up to 40% of energy in your home just by using the right pots and pans. 

For the recipe demonstrations and more energy saving tips, check out the video above. Also, visit energyupgradeca.org for more about how to keep California golden.

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