What If You Blew It? The 7 Steps To Recovery

Did you overdo it yesterday?  It’s okay!  Don’t worry.  It’s not the end of the world!

The great thing about Eating Free is to remember that your body works on a weekly average—not daily,  your weight will not change because ONE day of overeating.  So today is a new day and follow these 7 steps:

  1. Go back to your normal healthy eating and to recording your foods and you can easily get back on track.
  2. You do not need to under eat today. If you under eat it may backfire by overeating again due to hunger.
  3. Eat breakfast and all your meals for today.
  4. Don’t kill yourself at the gym. There is no way to burn off large amounts of calories without possibly running a marathon.  The body just doesn’t work that way.  Exercise is for enjoyment and a great benefit for health, not for weight loss!
  5. Remove temptations from your home. Do not depend on your willpower.
  6. Get some great sleep, it is a holiday weekend!
  7. Today’s video talks about your weekly summary and why it’s important to pay more attention to your weekly averages than to focus on individual days.  Calories, freebies by food group, and macronutrient composition as related to your personal caloric prescription are explained in detail.  Watch this clip to better understand the useful information that the Eating Free program provides.  All you need to do is record your food intake daily and track your success online!

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