The Best Kept Secret Weight Loss Tool, The FreeQ

FreeQ is the score that tells you how close you are from Eating Free. The higher the score, the more you’ll supercharge your weight loss or weight maintenance.

FreeQ works just like your IQ, the higher it is the more intelligent you are with your weight loss or maintenance.

Your FreeQ score is a dynamic number that changes with your habits.  As you modify your behavior, you’ll see greater results in your efforts to lose or maintain your weight with Eating Free.

FreeQ can evaluate not only caloric intake and expenditure, but the relation of these processes to other factors that impact successful weight loss: exercise, rest, stress and sleep.  Research shows that poor quality of life in these areas can slow or impede weight loss.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a minute to determine your FreeQ score.  It’s a very good assessment of how close to Eating Free you are right now.

If you’ve already figured out your FreeQ score in the past, take it again now to see how far you’ve progressed.  This will help you to map out your goals and to track your success.   Your daily emails are helping you to improve your FreeQ score.

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