Listen & Read: 10 FAQ about Eating Free

 To listen to the entire show from November 24th 2010 visit Eating Free Radio.  However, here is a summary of the questions asked.  

The Holiday Eating Free Free-for-All has been a great success with new sign-ups daily!  We’ve had many great questions on how our program and the food records work.  You can listen here for a live radio broadcast addressing these questions.  Below is a summary of the show.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions from Holiday Event

 1)      Can I eat a cookie this holiday?

YES!  Eat the holiday cookies, but to make sure you stay within your freebies, enter the cookies into your food records so you know just how much to eat. 

2)      How do you figure out my freebies?  I notice I only have Very Lean Meats as a freebie, but can I eat any other meat?

Your freebies are individually calculated based on your total energy expenditure (TEE).  This number includes your metabolic rate, lifestyle and exercise levels.  We then use a scientifically based formula for an appropriate division of proteins, fat and carbohydrates that keep you fueled throughout the day, regulate appetite, and prevent muscle breakdown. 

Yes, you can eat anything you want.  Fatter cuts of meat will just come out of both your very lean meat and your fat freebies.

3)      I keep going over my fats, but I don’t feel like I’m eating any fat. Why am I going over on my fat freebies?

Our program is well designed to track fat in various foods.  Although you may think you are not consuming fats (olive oil, butter, salad dressing), you may not be accounting for hidden fats found from things like whole or even 2% milk, pastries, or fattier cuts of meat, and alcohol.  The program will account for those fats.

4)      Why does alcohol count as a fat? I thought it was mostly sugar.

Alcohol does not have much sugar unless it is sweetened like certain wines.  When the liver metabolizes alcohol, fat metabolism halts.  This is why we count alcohol as a fat freebie.

5)      How is sugar counted in the program?

Sugar is not deducted from your freebies but is deducted from your calories.  Sugar calories will count towards your caloric prescription and you may be reaching the calorie limit before eating your whole food freebies.  So when choosing your foods, it is better to choose whole nutrient-dense foods that will keep more full and energized.

6)      If I can’t find a food in your system, how do I add it?

The online program has a section to “add a label” or “add a combo” for foods that are not already found in the food records.

7)      Is it ok to eat after 8pm?

YES!  No science tells us how late in the day or when to stop eating.  Of Course it is best not to overeat and allow at least 1-1.5 hours to digest prior to going to bed.  It is best to eat 70% of your calories by dinner time and save 30% for your dinner meal.

8)      Should I skip a meal if I know I’ll be having a big meal later on?

Absolutely not!  Skipping meals is the worst thing to do when trying to lose weight.  Eating throughout the day allows you to remain nourished and enjoy each meal slowly rather than overeat because you’re starving.

9)      I thought nuts count as protein; how come you count them as a fat?

Although nuts have protein, they consist mainly of fat.  To get 7 grams of protein by eating nuts, you will have to eat an ounce of nuts which provides about 20 grams of fat.

10)  If I get up tomorrow and exercise, can’t I just burn all the calories I ate today?

There is no way to burn off large amounts of calories without possibly running a marathon.  The body just doesn’t work that way.  Exercise is for enjoyment and a great benefit for health, not for weight loss!

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