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“Health is not a diet plan, but a lifestyle.   Understand your body, your strengths, and your limits and use this knowledge to make a change.   Stop dieting, start living.”
Manuel Villacorta

A big welcome to you all and congratulations on making the excellent decision to join us for the 2010 Eating Free Holiday Free-For-All!  We’re excited to be here to support you through this stressful but joyous time, and we want to encourage you to relax and enjoy the holidays with Eating Free as your guide. 

Now through Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll be here to support you by providing the following three things:

Daily emails filled with advice and helpful hints about successfully managing your weight this holiday season.  So check your inbox daily! and check your “To Do Today” task list at the end of every post write up.

Weekly radio chats every Wednesday from 12-1 pm PST or 3-4 PM EST .  Tune in to get the latest information, talk live with Manuel, and ask specific questions.  Visit Eating Free Radio for pre-recorded previous talk radio shows.

Monthly webinars where you can learn the science behind EF as well as get tips on how to succeed with the program.

NOTE:  During Week One our daily emails will be covering the basics of the Eating Free program. The first week of emails are about the 7 basics that you need to know in oder to understand the Eating Free Program really well. Then we will move on to daily tips and suggestions that will help make this holiday season enjoyable and guilt-free.

Our mission is to bring good food and the joy of eating back into your diet.  We’ll teach you not only how to get through the season but to really take pleasure in this upcoming period of overindulgence without sacrificing your favorite holiday foods, your budget, or your waistline.

Diets don’t work!  They’re restrictive and guilt-inducing, and most of them focus only on short-term results rather than long-term changes in behavior. 

At Eating Free, the last thing we want to do is restrict you—that just isn’t part of our philosophy.  The plan will show you a different way to look at how you eat, and won’t try to make you feel bad about the foods you choose.  Instead, it will allow you to take control of your diet and encourage you to enjoy eating once and for all.  No more guilt, no more going hungry! 

We know that at times our philosophy may contradict what you’ve previously been taught, but the Eating Free program is easy and effective.  It’s science-based and has a proven track record of helping thousands of people collectively lose hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

We want to close by wishing you success, health, happiness, and a joyous, guilt-free holiday!

Manuel Villacorta and The Eating Free Team

To Do Today:

  1. Get familiar with the schedule event: AT A Glance: The Eating Free Holiday Free-For-All

You can receive 2 FREE gifts:

1.  Eating Free’s 2010 Holiday Cheat Sheet: receive this handy reference of common holiday foods and their values for free when your friends, family, and co-workers sign up and list you as their referral.  Just ask your friends and family to mention your name when they join for free and we’ll send you the 2010 Holiday Cheat Sheet for free.

2.  Eating Free Recipes Booklet: use Twitter or Facebook to spread the word about the Free-For-All and you will automatically receive 20 delicious holiday recipes for free.  Just follow this link:

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