Eating Free Basics Part Seven: Putting it All Together

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job all week.  The time has come to put all that you’ve learned so far to good use.  By now you’ve watched all of the freebie videos and you understand how to categorize foods as well as estimate portion sizes. 

 Today’s video summarizes the new information you’ve received over the last six days, including supermarket shopping tips and guidelines, why having the right tools to measure your foods is important, as well as the basics of record-keeping and how it can help you lose weight. 

 Also covered is a self-care summary that discusses the importance of eating breakfast within one hour of waking, how to keep your metabolism running and to control your appetite by eating foods from different groups about every three hours, and the necessity of sleep, relaxation, and stress management as well of making exercise a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. 

 Finally, we’ll give you some hints for eating out that can help you enjoy Eating Free and still maintain a healthy weight. 

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