Eating Free Basics Part Four: Carbohydrates Are Your Friends

Though it seems like a lot, the videos assigned for today will take just a few minutes to watch and will provide you with usable information about categorizing foods as well as with an overview of some recommendations from each group.

Don’t forget to keep track of what you eat, and remember that the foods we list are just examples from each group.  You can always choose another item from the same group as a substitution.  And don’t worry; you don’t need to memorize any serving sizes since the online program will calculate these for you as you record the amount and foods you’ve eaten.

The majority of the foods you eat are going to fall into one of the groups covered by today’s videos, all of which are classified as carbohydrates.  You’re probably thinking, “Carbs?  Aren’t those the enemy of weight loss?”  But this is simply not true.  Your body needs carbohydrates as its main fuel source, what with your brain and nervous system able to use only carbs to feed their efforts.  Carbohydrates are a necessary component to a balanced diet; the secret lies in choosing quality sources of this fuel, such as whole grains and unprocessed foods.

Congratulations on doing a great job so far!  Just keep up the good work by watching the assigned videos, keeping records, and exploring the Eating Free website.  We’ll continue learning about food groups over the next few days, and then you’ll be ready to move on to preparing for the fast-approaching holiday season.  We know you can do it!

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