Eating Free Basics Part Five: Meats, Veggie Meats, and Fats For Health

Today we’ll be going over the heartiest of the food groups: meats and vegetarian meats as well as fats.  Your prescription includes 30% of daily calories from the meats and vegetarian meats group, and 25% from fats. 

 The protein amount provided for you is calculated to help you feel satisfied throughout the day, and if your goal is to lose weight, this higher protein amount will help prevent muscle breakdown as well and will keep your metabolism running high. 

 As for fat, we all need it to be healthy, so choose unsaturated fats like avocado, flaxseed, or olive oil to be sure that you’re getting the right, healthy variety. 

 Now we know that no one is perfect and that you may not be able to achieve the suggested amounts of freebies every day, or even every week.  Even so, we do suggest that you try to shape your choices as close as possible to these guidelines, since the recommended caloric distribution provides a healthy balance and has been shown to support weight loss. 

 If you want to see where you are in terms of achieving this distribution, you can do so under the “Weekly Summary” tab in the Success Tracker section of the Eating Free website.  Here you can see your daily and weekly average calories, daily and weekly average freebies, as well as this macronutrient distribution.  If you click on “View This Information in a Chart,” the data is presented in the form of a pie graph, with the goal distribution on the left and your actual average consumption for the week on the right.

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