Registered Dietitian

3000+ People Helped. 98% Succeeded. 84% Maintained Weight.

Manuel is the founder and owner of MV Nutrition,  his San Francisco based private practice. He sees clients on a one-on-one basis or through virtual channels. Manuel is a compassionate nutrition expert who empowers his clients to make appropriate diet, nutrient, and lifestyle changes for a longer and healthier life.

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“As soon as I started with Manuel my relationship with food changed. My roommate told me that he noticed a difference in me. He said that I no longer live to eat but rather I eat to live, and that was one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever given me. I still love food, but now, down 165 pounds, I have such a different relationship with it.”


“After progressively gaining weight over the previous 5 or so years, I peaked out at approximately 225 lbs around September of 2007. After seeing a picture from a recent trip to the river, I was shocked by what I had become. This was not the ‘Me’ I thought I was, nor who I wanted to be! I enrolled in Manuel’s program and 9 months later, I was down to 172 lbs for a total loss of approximately 53 pounds.


After losing 40 pounds, I feel that Eating Free has changed my life. Now I can run and have more confidence and knowledge about food that I will keep for the rest of my life.


In 11 months, I have lost almost 70 pounds and my waist is more than 10 inches smaller. I have never felt hungry or deprived, and my energy level and sense of emotional well-being are both way up. I appreciate both the simplicity and the flexibility of the plan, which has enabled me to succeed even without a lot of time to cook and with a lot of business travel in my schedule. Manuel’s supportive approach and gentle coaching has truly changed my life.


I did what he told me to do, stayed as close as I could to my calorie limit and the 45-30-25 breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats, and the rest took care of itself. I never felt cheated, never felt hungry. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I can keep this up once I’ve lost everything I want to lose because I’m eating real food. There’s no magic here, Manuel just gives you the knowledge, tools, and support to get you to your goals.


I have dropped 182 pounds. My confidence has returned. I am no longer taking pain medicine for my back. I am stronger physically and emotionally. And my relationship with food has changed. I’ve learned a better way of living. I could not have done it without Manuel.