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How to control your hunger

How To Control Your Hunger

Lose Weight Without Feeling Starved

Discover the simple tricks to control your hunger so you can lose weight without feeling starved with this actionable and insightful video training course

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Ageless Revolution_Menopause_Program

The Ageless Revolution

Take Control of Your Weight and Wellbeing During This Important Phase of Your Life

In this program, Manuel teaches you the science-based and gut-friendly way to control your weight and hormones during menopause.

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The Whole Body Reboot App

The Support Tool to Help You Lose Weight The Smart Way

The Whole Body Reboot app individualizes a person’s meal plan and is designed for easy tracking and monitoring of food and health habits to help everyone lose weight using superfoods.

The Whole Body Reboot web and app platform is the best way to help people lose weight, beyond just counting calories. It’s about knowing what and how much to eat, and learning how to spread it out throughout the day. Using superfoods to supercharge fat loss and maximizing results while adding antioxidant and anti-aging powers.

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Ageless Revolution Reboot Plan

Get Access to Manuel’s Award-Winning Ageless Revolution Reboot Plan

Boost your energy, reduce inflammation and feel amazing with this award-winning 5-Day Reboot Plan!