Eating Free Basics Part Six: Making Sense of Sugars, Alcohol, and Food Combos

We’ve almost mastered the basics at this point, and so far you have been given freebies for: Grains & Starches, Fruits, Milk, Non-Starchy Vegetables, and Meats, but not for Sugar, Alcohol, and Combination Foods. 

 Don’t you worry; this doesn’t mean you can’t eat foods from these groups.  Rather, the online program will track them for you as you input your choices.  You may find that some days you are reaching your calorie goals by eating foods that are mostly from these groups, but that you haven’t eaten enough food from the appropriate freebie groups.  We don’t want to punish you for that, but we do want you to grasp the importance of whole foods as the foundation of a healthy diet and the secret to maintaining a healthy weight. 

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