Eating Free Basics Part One: Getting to Know Each Other

Since you’ve decided to take control of your health and have partnered with us to guide you on this incredible journey, we understand you’re serious.  As we all know, any journey requires some preparation, and this one is no different. 

Remember during Week One our daily emails will be covering the basics of the Eating Free program.   By the way, we want to encourage you to move along at your own pace, so if we’re going through the videos too slowly (or too quickly), please feel free to move ahead or to revisit the material as often as you need.  Check the Eating Free blog any time for all of the “Basics” videos.

In subsequent weeks, after the 7 basics to learn the Eating Free Program, we will move on to daily tips and suggestions that will help make this holiday season enjoyable, guilt-free, and delicious.

 When you first visit the Eating Free website at Eating Free, you’ll be asked some basic information.  The program will take your weight loss goals and your lifestyle into consideration to create your personal caloric prescription, which will show you how many calories on average you should be eating daily to accomplish those goals.  We will also calculate your daily freebies list, which contains the number of servings from each food group you can have daily/weekly and still stay within your caloric prescription. 

 Mastering the Eating Free program is easy and will only take a small amount of time, so start by spending a few minutes each day this week exploring the Eating Free website, where you can find lots of delicious recipes and science-based nutrition information in the ‘Nutripedia’ section, answers to frequently asked questions about the program under ‘Ask a Question,’ and more information about the core principles of Eating Free when you click on the ‘Your Coach’ tab.  Then there are all the instructional videos that were created just for you!

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