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510, 2021

How to Make Roasted Eggplant & Butternut Squash Beef Stew

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Recipes, Simply Eating Free!|

https://youtu.be/GsBer78cN-Y This delicious roasted eggplant & butternut squash beef stew is the perfect recipe to kickstart this fall season, and a great way to enjoy two seasonal vegetables - eggplant [...]

2809, 2021

How to Make a Peruvian Pesto Quinoa Bowl with a Fried Egg

By |September 28, 2021|Categories: Recipes|

https://youtu.be/8OWxCQFGdnw You've likely seen quinoa bowls gaining popularity, but have you ever thought to mix in Peruvian pesto for a unique and flavorful combination? Explore new flavors with this pesto quinoa bowl. While [...]

2009, 2021

How to Cook Rice & Beans with Dairy with a Cultural Flair

By |September 20, 2021|Categories: Recipes|

https://youtu.be/TKtEjQkbAZI From September 15 - October 15th all Latinos and Hispanics are celebrating our heritage here in the USA. What better time to talk about one of my favorite combinations [...]