My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Tips

//My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Tips

My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Tips

- November 23, 2011

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The holidays are here again. Time for celebration with family and loved ones. Celebration in my household always includes food and drinks. In fact, the whole time spent seems to be centered on food: planning, coordinating, preparing, and eating. So how do I maintain my weight during the holidays?

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Treat the day or event like every other day and eat just 1 plate of food at the meal. I pick my favorite items and enjoy those most (I love mashed potatoes & stuffing). However, I know that I can get those items any day of the year, so I only eat an allocated portion and don’t stuff myself to the point of no return.


2. Bring a healthy version of your favorite foods to the event. There are many alternative recipes out there to change a high-fat/high-calorie dish without compromising flavor. Check out our website for some amazing holiday mashed potato recipes and more!


3. Fill up on those veggies! I still make sure to fill half my plate with non-starchy vegetables (this does not include potatoes and yams) and to munch on the crudités platter when available.


4. Two-Bite Rule. I love sampling and tasting all dishes at an event. In order to not go overboard and eat too much of the rich, buttery/oily/cheesy dishes, I follow the 2-bite rule. Put about 2 small bites of the exquisite dish on your plate. Only fill 1 plate of food. And take your time to eat those items and truly savor the flavor.


5. Leave the leftovers with the host or send them along with the guests if you are hosting. This is the simplest, easiest way to not have tempting pies, cakes, and dishes lying around all week long.


Remember the holidays are meant to enjoy the company we are with (along with the food, of course). Spend quality time with your loved ones and have a safe, happy, and delicious holiday season!