David’s Eating Free Success Story

//David’s Eating Free Success Story

David’s Eating Free Success Story

- January 3, 2011

Simply Eating Free!

“I lost 53 pounds with Eating Free and coaching”

After progressively gaining weight over the previous 5 or so years, I peaked out at approximately 225 lbs around September of 2007. After seeing a picture from a recent trip to the river, I was shocked by what I had become. This was not the ‘Me’ I thought I was, nor who I wanted to be! I enrolled in Manuel’s program and by July of 2008, I was down to 172 lbs for a total loss of approximately 53 pounds. At first, adapting to the program was particularly challenging. But with time, experimentation with different foods I liked, support from my family and Manuel, it became easier and easier until healthy eating and exercise became a normal part of my every day lifestyle. You can eat almost anything you like; the secret is moderation, a health balanced diet and regular exercise. That is what Manuel, and his nutritional program taught me. If you see yourself in my picture, take steps to do something about it. You will not regret it!

David, Age 38, Bussiness Man and a Father, lost 53 pounds

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