Getting Through Thanksgiving Part One

//Getting Through Thanksgiving Part One

Getting Through Thanksgiving Part One

- November 23, 2010

Simply Eating Free!

With Thanksgiving only 48 hours away, we want you to be prepared to encounter the holiday buffet table by knowing which foods to enjoy in moderation so that you don’t overdo it. Today will focus on grains and meats.  Look below for the list of most common meats and grains and learn about their caloric and freebie amounts.

General tips part one:

  1. Remember to practice portion control when deciding what to put on your plate.  For females the palm of your hand is about 3-4 oz of meat and your fist is about 1 cup of grains.  For males the palm of your hand is about 5-6 oz of meat and your fist about 1.5 cup of grains.
  2. A healthy Thanksgiving meal should also include vegetables such as greens, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, or another favorite. 
  3. Try to stick to smaller portions of richer foods such as mashed potatoes and gravy as well as stuffing and fattier meats such as the dark meat on the turkey and the less lean cuts of ham and beef.  Look below for detailed information about meats and grains.
  4. Remember to wait at least 20 minutes before going back for seconds (this is when your body’s fullness detection really kicks in), so that you can tell if you really need to eat more. 
  5. Another great idea for keeping calories down is to take your own dish to a potluck event, or to offer to bring a dish to add to your host’s dinner selections.  This way you’ll know exactly what ingredients were used (and that you like the dish!) as well as what the serving size is.  You can also show off your cooking talents to your friends and family.

But most of all, have a Happy Thanksgiving Eating Free!

See below you can get all of this in one page. Refer a friend and get our very handy Eating Free Holiday Cheat Sheet.  This is a great one-page listing of all the most common foods eaten during the holidays including calories and freebies.  It also includes a table with low-calorie substitutions.  Just tell your friends, family and co-workers to mention your name on the sign up page.


Food Item/Serving Size (oz)/ Calories (kcal) /Freebies
Turkey White Meat Without Skin/ 3 /105 / Meat 3
Turkey Dark Meat Without Skin /3 /165 / Meat 3 + Fat 1
Turkey White Meat With Skin /3 /165 / Meat 3 + Fat 1
Turkey Dark Meat With Skin /3 /225/  Meat 3 + Fat 2
Deep-Fried Turkey White Meat Without Skin /3 /165 /Meat 3 + Fat 1
Deep-Fried Turkey Dark Meat without Skin /3 /270 /Meat 3 + Fat 3
Deep-Fried Turkey White Meat With Skin/3 /270 /Meat 3 + Fat 3
Deep-Fried Turkey Dark Meat With Skin /3 /315  /Meat 3 + Fat 4
Ham /3 /201/ Meat 3 + Fat 1
Pork Tenderloin/ 3 /165/ Meat 3 + Fat 1
Roast Pork Loin/ 3 /165 /Meat 3 + Fat 1
Roast Beef /3 /165 /Meat 3 + Fat 1
Roast Chicken (skinless white meat)/ 3 /105 /Meat 3
Roast Chicken (skinless dark meat)/ 3/ 165 /Meat 3 + Fat 1
Prime Rib /3/ 225 /Meat 3 + Fat 3
Duck Breast/ 3/ 105 /Meat 3
Cornish Hens /3/ 105/ Meat 3
Roasted Salmon/ 3/165 /Meat 3 + Fat 1
Roasted Skin-on Goose/ 3/ 305/ Meat 3 + Fat 6
Roasted Skin-off Goose/ 3 /238 /Meat 3 + Fat 2


Mashed Potatoes (w/ milk, butter)/ 1/2 cup/125 /Grain&Starch 1, Fat 1
Stuffing /1/2 cup/ 207/ Grain&Starch 1.6, Fat 1.6
Sweet Potatoes/ 1/2 cup /Grain&Starch 1
Candied Yams/ 1/2 cup 241 /Grain&Starch 1.4, Fat 1, Sugar 1.4
Wild Rice Pilaf 1/2 cup 195 Grain/Starch 1.5, Fruit 0.5, Fat 1
Dinner Rolls/ 1 (3 oz) /240 /Grain&Starch 3
Biscuits/ 1 biscuit 125 /Grain&Starch 1, Fat 1
Crescent Rolls /1 (1 oz) /110 /Grain&Starch 1, Fat 1
latkas (potato pancakes)/145 grams /240 Grain&Starch 2, Fat 2
Loukoumades (Fried Honey Puffs) /1 puff /92 /Grain&Starch 1, Fat 1


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  1. Josette Lafone November 29, 2010 at 5:17 am

    I’ve invited the whole family to ours this xmas for a traditional dinner, so obviously the roast is pretty central to that.. I found a tonne of ideas at this roast recipe site, but cant seem to decide on one in particular – there’s so many to choose from! It’s fun planning such a big family meal though!

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